• Welcome to our new Church website – www.ANewCommandment.org

  • To serve God and His people while exemplifying holiness and unconditional love; to teach personal relationship with Jesus Christ to the lost and found.

  • “A New Commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another…” John 13:34 (KJV)

  • The members of the Music Ministry are leaders of praise and worship who have the important responsibility of ushering in the spirit of God into the worship service. Members accept that they are called into ministry to build God’s kingdom and to meet the needs of the parishioners on a deep spiritual level. Through praise and worship, members communicate with God and express love and adoration toward him. The Word of God speaks highly of the music ministry and the members of this ministry recognize their significance to the evangelism of Christ.

    Through the gift of song, the Music Ministry ministers the Word of God sending messages of love, salvation, healing, peace, joy, and deliverance. On all age levels, the Music Ministry connects directly to members of the church in order to provide an environment that is conducive to corporate worship.

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