• Welcome to our new Church website – www.ANewCommandment.org

  • To serve God and His people while exemplifying holiness and unconditional love; to teach personal relationship with Jesus Christ to the lost and found.

  • “A New Commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another…” John 13:34 (KJV)

  • Soulspiration

    • Oct

      Patches of Serenity ~ By Carol S. Terrell

      This life can get so jumbled sometimes.  Things aren’t as they used to be.  I remember days of sitting under shade trees, dangling my feet at water’s edge, inhaling the crispness of a fall morning and loving every minute of each encounter. Or, simpler still, just sitting quietly and listening to nothing in particular—just the stillness of the world around me—the quiet murmurings of nature.  Those days seem to be far away now—a distant memory.  But how I long for...

    • Mar

      Contentment ~ By Carol S. Terrell

      Contentment – The state of being satisfied with things as they are. Contentment.  It’s a state that many long for, but can’t seem to attain.  To these individuals, it seems to be an arduous road trip whose final destination takes forever to reach.  Like whining children in the back seat of a car, they cry out, “Are we there yet?” Contentment shouldn’t be regarded as some lofty goal that one must struggle to attain.  Yet, it should be looked upon...

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